Moshi Moshi

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Do we do vegetarian food? Yes.

How many people can
we cater for? 2000

Is there a minimum price? No.

Can we supply our wonderful waiting staff? Certainly.

How far afield are we prepared to travel? Negotiable.

Can our restaurants be hired? Yes.

Can we provide chef demonstrations? Yes.

Can we arrange further entertainment such as taiko drummers? Yes.

We've been catering for parties and events for ten years, and we're good at it.

Sushi is a perfect option for events and parties. It's varied, healthy, and different - and most importantly, it's fresh. There's no need for re-heating food, and because our award winning chefs can also attend the event, the food can even be made directly in front of your guests.

Our speciality is miniature bite-sized sushi which can conveniently be eaten from beautifully presented lacquer platters as they are passed around as part of a buffet. We also cater for more formal parties, where guests can enjoy our food from individually placed geta - the small blocks of wood from which sushi is traditionally eaten.

In addition to our sushi, we also have a wide range of Japanese cooked fish, meat and vegetarian dishes.

For further information, please phone:
020 7247 3227
or email