Moshi Moshi

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Cromarty 7
Cromarty with brown rice 7.50
x Loch Duart salmon nigiri
3 x salmon hosomaki
3 x cucumber kappamaki
3 x salmon & avocado uramaki

Loch Duart salmon Ju 7.30
Salmon Ju with brown rice 7.80
Salmon sashimi on a bed of shari


Faeroes 7 (V)
A selection of delicious sushi rolls wrapped in seaweed
1 x inari tofu
1 x tamago omelette nigiri
4 x cucumber kappamaki
2 x seasonal vegetable maki

Fair Isle £8.80
2 x Loch Duart salmon nigiri
1 x Cornish catch nigiri
2 x prawn tempura uramaki
2 x spicy tuna uramaki
2 x salmon skin maki

Bay of Biscay temaki handroll 8.90
salmon & avocado
salmon skin & spring onion
Cornish crab & avocado
kabayaki 'faux unagi' eel & cucumber

Trafalgar 11.50
1 x Loch Duart salmon nigiri
1 x Cornish catch nigiri
1 x octopus nigiri
1 x ikura salmon roe gunkan
3 x slices of salmon sashimi
3 x prawn tempura uramaki
3 x Cornish crab & avocado uramaki

German Bight 10.50
2 x Loch Duart salmon nigiri
1 x yellowfin tuna nigiri
1 x tamago omelette nigiri
1 x prawn nigiri
1 x Cornish catch nigiri
2 x salmon maki3 x prawn tempura uramaki
2 x salmon & avocado uramaki

Hebrides sashimi 12.50
6 x Loch Duart salmon sashimi
3 x Cornish catch sashimi
3 x yellow fin tuna
3 x Cornish mackerel

Viking party platter 55

4 x Loch Duart salmon nigiri
4 x prawn nigiri
4 x seared Cornish catch nigiri
4 x yellowfin tuna nigiri
6 x California crab & avocado uramaki
8 x spicy tuna uramaki
6 x kappamaki cucumber roll
6 x avocado maki
6 x crab & avocado uramaki

Ethical Luxury Platter 62

4 x Loch Duart salmon nigiri
4 x prawn nigiri
4 x scallop nigiri
4 x Isle of Mull scallop nigiri
4 x octopus nigiri
6 x crab & avocado uramaki
6 x prawn tempura uramaki
6 x Loch Duart salmon hosomaki
6 x avocado hosomaki
4 x ikura salmon roe gunkan

Atlantic Platter 88

5 x Loch Duart salmon nigiri
5 x prawn nigiri
3 x tamago omelette nigiri
3 x octopus nigiri
5 x hamachi yellowtail nigiri
8 x spicy tuna Uramaki
8 x salmon & avocado uramaki
10 x kappamaki cucumber roll
10 x avocado hosomaki
3 x Cornish crab gunkan
3 x kabayaki 'faux unagi' eel gunkan

Onigiri rice balls 1.50
Poached salmon, Tuna salad, Katsuo bonito flake, Ume plum & shiso leaf

Miso Soup 1.70

Moshi Moshi is good for you

  • Moshi Moshi took bluefin tuna off our menus in 1998 we were the first restaurant in the UK to do so
  • We switched from mass-produced farmed salmon to sustainable Loch Duart's salmon in 2000. Knowing about the damages to the marine environment from using farmed fin fish, we have tried, where possible, to completely remove farmed fish from our menu.
  • We know our fisherman. Through Slow Food we met a wonderful family-run Cornish business supplying fish caught by a collective of small boats using environmentally-friendly static gear and lines. They don't throw away any of their catch and the fish is at Moshi Moshi the day after it is landed. Without theses fisherman's skill and knowledge we would have no choice but to rely on trawl-caught environmentally-damaging fishermen, and so supporting them is vital.
  • Concerned about the problems of declining populations of European Eel, we replaced our popular unagi eel dish with an even tastier dish of kabayaki dog-fish a totally under-utilised species from Cornwall.
  • We've stopped using factory-fished skipjack tuna, and now use the Fish 4 Ever brand of pole and line caught skipjack.
  • We only use dive-caught scallops from the Isle of Mull.
  • All our meat comes from a family farm in Essex and is totally free-range and fed only on natural foods.
  • All our eggs are free-range
  • We have stayed true to the traditions of Japanese food and add sugar and vinegar to our sushi rice; however, the amounts we add are reduced to as low a level as possible without compromising the delicate balance in our sushi and we use low levels of sugar in other dishes too, such as teriyaki sauce where we substitute with apple juice.
  • You have a choice of Japonica white rice or genmai brown rice with your bento boxes
  • Japanese food is low in calories and high in all the fats your body needs: fish oils are high in Omega 3 fatty acids and a typical sushi lunch ranges between 200 and 500 calories.