Moshi Moshi

Seafood Summit
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While pre-packed fillets have made buying fish far more convenient, they also offer a limited choice. You've experienced the fresh seafood of Moshi Moshi, now why not take up the challenge yourself and see what a whole fish has to offer?

Lack of experience can make people leery of buying fresh fish, but it isn't that difficult. Follow these simple pointers, and don't be afraid of insisting on a close inspection:

The eyes should not be sunken into the head and should be bright not cloudy

The gills should be red

It should smell sea fresh - not fishy!

Scales should be firmly attached to the skin and the skin should be shiny and a little slippery

The flesh should be firm and the tail stiff

White fish fillets should have a slightly translucent appearance

Any shellfish should all be tightly closed

It's worth bearing in mind that some apparently fresh fish may have been kept in cold storage for many months prior to being defrosted for sale - if in doubt ask! Certainly avoid any frozen fish that looks partially thawed.