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Invest in Fish South West sparks a green relationship

Caroline Bennett, an Invest in Fish South West steering group member, recently received The Green Apple Award for her work in sourcing sustainable fish for Moshi Moshi, a chain of sushi restaurants. Bennett, managing director of Moshi Moshi, has been working closely with inshore Cornish fisherman Chris Bean to find ways to deliver – within 24 hours – freshly and locally caught fish to her sushi restaurants in London and Brighton. The two met through contacts Bennett made within the Invest in Fish South West network.

“It’s really great that people are now recognising fish as an important resource that should be taken care of. Moshi Moshi will continue to seek out the most sustainable ways of sourcing its fish and pushing other restaurants to do the same,” says Bennett.

The Green Organisation, an independent environment group dedicated to promoting environmental endeavours, awards The Green Apple to esteemed businesses and organisations each year for environmental best practice within their sector.

Moshi Moshi follows the simple traditions of Japanese food, and aims to use food that is locally sourced. The chain of sushi restaurants feels this not only ensures the best in quality of fish but also helps to preserve local communities and reduces 'food miles'.

“Because he fishes close to the shore, Chris can email us details of his catch of the day before lunch time, giving our chefs enough time to order for the next day. Chris then packs the fish in ice, sends them by road courier to reach Moshi Moshi by 9am the following day,” says Bennett.

Moshi Moshi’s sustainable efforts are definitely worth an apple!

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